How to Pack Your Ultimaker 2 (Extended/+/Connect)

Properly boxing your printer for travel is very important. There are some steps you need to take before putting your printer in the box. We have outlined those here, along with the directions on how to situate the foam pieces. Please read the complete directions for each section before starting. 

If you are returning your printer for repair: please pack only the printer unit itself and its power supply. Do not return any of the other accessories, such as the glass bed or reel holder.

If you are shipping your printer for other reasons, please do include all of the accessories. Place the reel holder in the bottom foam with the power supply; secure the glass to the cardboard piece that sits in the top foam; and place the accessory bag and filament in the top tray. Do not leave the glass installed in the printer during shipping under any circumstances.

Ultimaker is not liable for damage incurred during shipping when returning your printer for warranty service. Properly packing it for transit greatly reduces the risk of damage. The user accepts all risk and financial responsibility. To purchase replacement packaging, please contact Support.

If your packaging has a strap, please follow the instructions here

If you have an Ultimaker 2GO, please follow the instructions here.

To protect the alignment of your printer and your endstops, it’s important to secure the head. Do this by using two zip ties, one for front-to-back and one for left-to-right. Position the head in the front-right corner of the printer. If zip ties are not available, please use a loop of knotted string or wire to hold the rods in the same way.

Use one tie to secure the rod that skewers the head front-to-back onto the axis rod on the right side. Use the other tie to secure the rod that skewers the head left-to-right onto the axis rod in the front. Make sure ONLY the two rods are within the tie. Do not tie the belts or the front panel to the rod. Tighten the zip ties to the point where the head will not move, but not so tight enough that there is pressure on the rods or the rods bend.

To protect the heated plate, z-stop, and nozzle, it’s important to keep the heated bed from moving up and down. You must first place bubble wrap or pieces of cardboard under the bed to keep it from breaking the z-stop. The cushion under the bed should be about 1/4 inch thick.

Apply a piece of tape that spans from the heated plate to the front panel. We suggest using electrical tape, which does not leave a residue and is easy to remove. Be sure the tape does not stick to the display screen. Painter's tape is not recommended, as it can tear.

The next step is placing the bottom foam into your box. On the foam, you can see the indentations meant for the feet of the printer where the side panels extend past the front and back panels on the printer. Place the foam in the bottom of the box so that the front of the printer is toward the side that says "Ultimaker" and has the URL at the bottom.


Carefully place the printer in the box. Ensure that you do not put any pressure on the axes. The easiest way to hold the printer for this step is to put two fingers into the reel hole on the back panel and with your other hand hold where the front and top panels adjoin (do not put pressure on the belt or rod).  The printer is seated correctly in the foam when the front and back edges of the side panels are within the indentations.


Next, place the top foam around the top of the printer. The square base faces down. There are two cut-outs in the front of the foam (the right one is for the hot end) and two cut outs in the back of the foam (the left one is for the Bowden tube).

The  foam is inserted correctly when the square base encircles the top of the printer and the tube and cord protrude through the cut-out in the back.


Then place the top tray in the box. The edges of the top tray will be folded upward and go along the edges of the box on the “Ultimaker” sides. If you're returning your printer for repair, the power supply should be in the rectangular cut out where your accessory box originally was. If the printer is traveling for any other reason, all of your accessories will fit in the top tray--there is room for one 750g roll of filament, or two 350g rolls, your power cable, and all of your accessories. To pack the accessory box, place the power brick in the middle. Put the reel holder and Olsson kit under one side, and the accessory bag under the other. The glass will lay flat on top.


Tape your box shut with packing tape. 



Did you find anything in our instructions that was unclear? Please comment. We are always looking to improve. 

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  • "Be sure the tape does not stick to the display screen."
    Silly question, but doesn't the photo show the pointy end of the blue tape stuck to the display screen?

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  • Hi, Laura! The pointy part of the tape is pointy because I folded the tape over to create a pull tab for removing it later, so the part where the pointy part looks like it's over the screen, the adhesive is not actually making contact with the screen.

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