Warranty Parts

Under Ultimaker's warranty terms, the components of the printer are covered for 1 year against manufacturer's defect or mechanical failure. This does not include the hot end, or normal wear and tear. Please see our Maintenance page for information on normal wear and tear, maintenance, and upkeep. If a part fails and is eligible for warranty replacement, your part will be sent out from Memphis, TN. We provide warranty services to North America. If you are located in another region, please contact your local reseller for assistance.

In order to send out parts under warranty, we need:

  • To conduct troubleshooting and determine that a part has failed
  • Your serial number
  • Your shipping address
  • Purchase date/invoice of original order


Warranty parts are sent out via FedEx Ground. We do our best to ship parts out the same day we receive the request and all other information we need; however, a request that comes in later in the day may go out the next day. Our office is open Monday through Friday, from 9 AM to 5:30 PM Eastern time. Packages sent out from our location in Memphis should arrive in 2-5 days to customers within the US. Please be aware that this is a general estimate and we cannot guarantee delivery dates.

If you are in Canada or Mexico, please be advised that your part may take longer to arrive.

Critical Parts

If you cannot afford to have your printer down for the duration of time it will take for parts to arrive to you, we recommend purchasing spares of certain components to have on hand:

Nozzles (Ultimaker 2 series)--A failed print could burn material inside your nozzle, preventing proper extrusion. Generally a nozzle can be cleared using the Atomic Method, but it's useful to have a spare on hand in case you need it.

TFM Couplers (Ultimaker 2 series)--The TFM coupler (or PTFE coupler for Ultimaker 2Go printers) is one of the softest parts of your printer. Like the tires on your car, it experiences wear and tear from the physical passage of the material coming in contact with it. It also takes wear and tear from the heat of the nozzle, because the coupler sits right on top of the threaded part of the brass heater block. TFM couplers can widen out at the bottom, or develop a overhanging ring, which will cause extrusion issues. Especially if you work with abrasive or high temperature filaments, we recommend keeping spares on hand. You can read more about determining whether your coupler needs replacing here.

Print Core (Ultimaker 3 series)The Ultimaker 3 uses an assembled Print Core, instead of individual components like the nozzle and coupler. The double heat break protects the Teflon piece from the sort of wear and tear you see on TFM couplers, however, it's still possible to have filament stuck in the printhead affecting your extrusion. Generally, it can be cleared using the print head cleaning option in the Maintenance menu. However, it's useful to have a spare on hand, just in case, or in case you run into another issue.

Glass (all models)--The glass used in Ultimaker printers is fairly strong, however, it is possible to damage it, either by dropping it on a hard surface, or trying to remove a print that is still hot. 

Bowden Tube (all models)--The bowden tube is subjected to a fair amount of wear and tear, particularly at the feeder end, especially if you're using abrasive filaments. Wear and tear damage to either end of the bowden tube, or the interior of the tube can occur and cause problems with the quality of your prints, especially if they are retraction-heavy. If you're not sure whether your bowden tube needs replacing, follow the bowden tube check-up guide.

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