How to Pack Your Ultimaker S3

Properly boxing your printer for travel is very important. There are some steps you need to take before putting your printer in the box. We have outlined those here, along with the directions on how to situate the foam pieces. Please read the complete directions for each section before starting. 

If you are returning your printer for repair: please pack only the printer itself--with the Cores you are using still installed in the printhead--and its power cable. Do not return any of the other accessories, such as the glass bed or reel holder unless the support team specifically requests that you do so. 

If you are shipping your printer for other reasons, please do include all of the accessories. All of your printer's accessories will fit in the top tray where they were when you received the printer. Do not leave the glass installed in the printer during shipping under any circumstances.

fbrc8 and Ultimaker are not liable for damage incurred during shipping. Properly packing it for transit greatly reduces the risk of damage. The user accepts all risk and financial responsibility. 

1. Start with your bottom cardboard tray, and the bottom foam seated snugly in it. Sit the printer into the foam.


2. Place the 4 small corner pieces in the front and back corners; the larger pieces go in the back corners. Slide the accessory box in on top of them; you will have to turn it diagonally to bring it in.


3. Fold the cardboard piece as shown here and slide it into the printer over the accessory box. Each wing should be against the side of the printer. Fold it into a sort of bird shape (wings out, center up), and slide it into the printer. Flatten it out, and pull the middle section upright; please see this video for clarification if needed. This piece is essential for making sure your accessory box does not damage the printhead.

4. Apply the door bumpers to the top and bottom of the door, and shut it. Slide the top pieces of foam over the left and right sides of the printer and hook the Bowden tubes around them.

5. Slide the rectangular cardboard piece over the back, with the Bowden tubes hooked over the bottom part. Slide the power cable into the space at the back. Set the box with the filament on top of the Bowden tubes.



6. Cut the top flaps open on the outer box of the printer so you can slide it over the printer.


7. Slide your 2 rectangular foam planks along the 2 cardboard pieces and tape the top of the cardboard shut securely.


8. Secure your 4 white clips along the 4 sides of the printer to clip the top and bottom box halves together.


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  • Hi, DrBwts,

    With the printer powered off, both the printhead and bed can be moved by hand. For the printhead, as long as the printer isn't powered with the motors locked into position, you can carefully push the head into the correct position by hand. For the build plate, it can be pushed down by pushing on the table cover at the back of the bed, or moved up by turning the Z-screw by hand.

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  • How do you get the printhead to position centrally without the print bed rising? When I get the printhead where you have it the bed rises & so I cant fit in the foam corners due to the hinge on the door!

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