Clearing the Mergers

Occasionally you may see broken filament obstructing your feed path in the merger. This guide will walk you through taking the Material Station apart to remove the merger for clearing.


Removing the Mergers:

  • Place the Material Station upside down on a table, making sure to either open the door or have the front inch or two hang off of the edge in order to avoid damaging the door/hinge.

  • Remove the frontmost screw from both side panels.


  • Remove the bottom cover by pushing both panels away from the bottom of the machine, then pulling up from the front of the cover.

  • Remove the two screws securing the topmost merger (for extruder 2).


  • Remove the U-shaped clamp clip from the single bowden tube at the back side of the feeding path, then remove the bowden tube by pushing the collet down while pulling the bowden tube out.


  • The merger can just lift out from here. The bowden tubes going to the motors will simply slide out. If it is easier, you can do this step before removing the bowden tube in the step above.

  • The merger for extruder 1 comes out the same way, there is just one screw left holding it in place.

Run filament through each path on the merger to check for any obstructions and make sure you're able to run the filament all the way out the other end.

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