Camera Assembly

Below are the instructions for removing and replacing the camera assembly on an S5 R2 (the version of the S5 with the U on the side panel). If your S5 has robots on the side panel, please reach out to for additional information regarding safe access to the underside of the machine before proceeding.


Download the PDF instructions at the bottom of this page for removing and replacing the right side door. The door will need to be removed to access the camera for replacement.

You can use the door bumpers that came with your machine for the later steps of this process. They can be placed into the door, rather than the panel, since they are a different size.



1. Place your printer on its side; this will allow for easiest access of the bottom panel and inside of the machine.

2. Remove the bottom panel of the machine, in order to access the USB connection to the board. The cover is held in place with 5 screws, which can be removed with the 2mm hex head screwdriver that came with your printer.

3.Unplug the camera cable from the mainboard. The camera cable is highlighted in red below. Once the camera cable is unplugged, feed the cable back through the hole in the corner of the printer toward the camera itself.


4. Remove the screws that hold the camera assembly in place.


5. Remove the screws that hold the cable cover in place.


6. Once those are removed, you can install the new camera in position and route the cable back to the board. 

7. Go back to the door instructions to reinstall the door onto the right side panel.

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